With its genre-bending list of bilingual poetry, eco-fabulist science fiction, magic journalism, hybrid collaboration, and graphic narrative, WPB was founded in 2008 to assert the imperative for serious writing that reflects the diversity of literary and political cultures emerging from Los Angeles, a center for art in the globalized world, and elsewhere. We came together with a single purpose: to create an outlet for groundbreaking fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, with extraordinary art by renowned Chicano artist Gronk on every cover. And we’re still doing it, bringing out exciting new work every year that we believe truly needs to be in this world. We remain committed to—and are always looking for—new, innovative, and underrepresented writing that challenges both formal boundaries and the pressing social and political issues of our time. 

Thank you for your interest in continuing the process with What Books Press. We are excited to review your whole manuscript and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Per our prior correspondence, please do remember that we are a small group of collective members with highly limited resources, and so—in the collective spirit—are obliged to ask that writers share some of the cost of publishing their work. While we are now able to cover somewhere between 30% to 50% percent of the expense (depending on genre and length), we still ask that writers pay for the layout and design of their book. For poetry books less than 100 pp and prose less than 150, the typical cost is $750; longer works are more.

If this arrangement is acceptable to you, and if your work is accepted for publication, you will receive 25 copies of your book, submissions to reviewers, two LA-based readings, promotion at literary events, and other benefits. You will also receive 50% of all net proceeds, along with the right to keep 100% of proceeds from personal sales you make on your own. Finally, you will have the opportunity to participate in the selection of an original work of art by Gronk for your book cover. Your book will be distributed by Amazon, Ingram, and IndieBound.

Please bear in mind that this is not an offer of publication, but an invitation to continue with the next step. We look forward to reading more of your work.

What Books Press